Team Info

Management Teams:         
Leadership Is a mixture of people from all of the other groups. These people come together and oversee the problems that all of the groups are having, and they work together to try and fix them. This group works on many things like: finding sponsors, working on some of the financial  aspects, and making

Graphic Design: Is in charge of creating the design and colors that are on the car. They are also involved in putting spaces on the design of the car for sponsors. 

Technology: Maintains the website, social media, and pictures.

Finance:  Maintains the budget, and finds potential sponsors to raise funds for the car.

Public Relations: Communicates with the press, writes articles, and presents to potential sponsors. 

Racing Team: 
Building and Engineering: Build the car and do all things mechanical. 

Our Driver: Spencer Morse is our awesome driver. Check him out on Facebook and Twitter